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Best places to visit in Iceland

Gullfoss Waterfall

It’s famed as one of the most dramatic cataracts in the world, and cascades over a series of stepped rocks and terraces before plunging over the 32-meter high crevice that gives the fall its distinct appearance of disappearing into the Icelandic subterrane.

Hornstrandir Nature Reserve

When it comes to viewing Iceland in its natural glory, no region matches the unspoiled wilderness of the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve in Westfjords. While it’s true that the its rough terrain of craggy mountains and plunging sea cliffs presents challenges, the Hornstrandir the ideal spot for nature-loving adventurers.


If you’ve only got three days, here’s what you absolutely have to see, do, and eat: Grab breakfast at Bergsson Mathus, check out the Phallological Museum (yes, you read that right), catch a choir practice at Hallgrimskirkja, take a walk along the harbor overlooking Mount Esja, get a history lesson at the National Museum of Iceland.

The best things to do in Iceland

Visit Snæfellsjökull National Park

Snæfellsjökull National Park sits on the Snæfellsnes Peninsula and is best known for its signature glacier called Snæfellsjökull. As well as the mighty glacier you can also enjoy amazing lava tubes and lava fields here and the site also attracts a wide range of local flora and fauna.

Witness Snaefellsnes Glacier and Volcano

If you want to see just how diverse the landscapes and features of Iceland are, all you need to do is plan a day trip to the Snæfellsnes Peninsula. Snaefellsnes has been nicknamed ‘Iceland in Miniature’ due to the sheer variety of landscapes you can see on the peninsula.

Go on a Whale Watching Tour

There are over twenty species of cetacean that call the Icelandic coastal waters home, ranging from the rather small harbour porpoises to the earth's largest animals—how many people can say they’ve seen a Blue Whale in the wild?

The most exciting places to visit in Iceland

The Westman Islands

Vestmannaeyjar (Westman Islands) are a group of 15 magnificent islands and over 30 large cliffs, rocks and skerries, 70 kilometres off the southern coast of Iceland.

Spectacular Geysers

An easy 50-minute drive from Reykjavik, Strokkur Geysir (after which all geysers are named) is the most popular fountain geyser in the country and famed throughout the world.


Step inside the mighty ice caves of the Vatnajökull Glacier, which is the largest ice cap in the country, and third largest in all of Europe. Vatnajökull covers about 8% of the total Icelandic land mass, and entering the caves will be a memory for life.

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